July 9, 2013 Tuesday

Hey it’s me! I want to send a quick message so maybe you can respond before I’m done. Could you give me Sharon’s new address. I wrote Malachi a return letter ūüôā I have to report to the travel office 4:30am¬† tomorrow morning for an 8am flight. I’m buying a phone card to call you from the airport. Hope that’s ok?

. . .

Wow so much to say. I got your letter yesterday. Thanks for the hint about Los Angeles :). It’s fine with me if Michael gets the emails. I don’t remember his email or phone number.¬† Thanks a ton for the package.¬† Those Nutella cookies were DELICIOUS!! All the Elders in my district are going to Los Angeles including my companion. I’m going to try and add some pictures of my stay here; the cable to the computer doesn’t work for anybody. I have to borrow a sd adapter to the computer. My mission president is President Weidman. He was at the MTC just the week before me! I didn’t get to see him but a bunch of the Apostles where here to teach the new mission presidents. I haven’t got to meet any of the Twelve or Seventy but a lot of really awesome people. Last Sunday was the best devotional of all! A couple people spoke, Brother Durrant and Sister Black. They were so funny and had the best message. Sis. Black was the first female professor of religion at BYU. I learned we have to be bold because we have the name of the Lord on our chests.

Well anyways, to continue, I got to watch the best talk ever. It was by Elder Bednar titled “the Character of Christ”. That talk has already changed my life so much. In a nutshell the character of Christ is turning outward in love, compassion, and service when the natural man turns inward. I suggest reading Matt. 4 with this in mind and look at the footnotes. I try to exercise as much as I can, but they don’t really make it easy. I have only gained about 3 or 4 pounds with the all you can eat :).

This picture is of a tree on campus (the smaller one). Everyone crowds by it because it smells like cream soda.'Cream Soda' Tree at MTC

 Our MTC District, Elders and SistersMTC District - All SmilesBack row: Elder Rawson, Elder Nelson, Elder Valdez, Elder Sullivan, Elder Lui, Elder Wright
Front row: Sis. Stephan, Sis. Ah Quin, Sis. Switzer, Our Teacher Sis Lyon, Sis. Linford, Sis. Rodriguez, Sis. Lee

District Pic at MTC


Mission District at MTCLeft to right: Elder Nelson, Me!, Elder Lui, Elder Sullivan, Elder Wright, Elder Rawson.

¬†Provo, Utah TempleProvo Temple at MTCThe sad part about the temple was that it’s closed until August 11. I was really sad about that.