July 16, 2013 Tuesday

I asked my companion and he said that I could buy a pretty good bike in around $200-300 range. So im good there :). I needed my SS because of the mission credit card they gave. I need to confirm my identity. That was the number I gave it but it would not take it. So I’ll just talk to someone at the mission office. THANK YOU SO MUCH MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will greatly appreciate the new shirts. I’m in the Alondra Area, South Bay Zone. My area covers the city of Carson and part of Compton. Don’t worry it’s the good part… Also learned that a white bike by flowers means there was a drive by shooting. Since only one so far. Our apartments are outside our area  🙁 so we can’t really proselyte to our neighbors. We live in Gardena. Our apartments are pretty nice. We cover two wards. One is the Nu’umau (Samoan) and the other Gardena. Our stake is North Torrance Stake. I’ve been driving since day 1 also.  It’s not as bad as I thought. Still pretty crazy though. the 405 is the worst, we were on it for 2 hours. The car is a white 2012 ford fusion. I look pretty sweet preaching the good word of god in it! We only have 1100 miles a month, so we will have to start biking soon.

The field is so awesome! The Lord has so many people prepared for the gospel. My third day out, Friday we were tracting and met a guy . He is so ready for the gospel. He has a testimony of Jesus Christ, knows God is his Heavenly Father, and already pays tithing. As we were teaching his sister came involved and asked to see the book of Mormon. We are hoping to get his whole family baptized.

I guess Quentin L. Cook visited the mission a couple of weeks ago and gave some interesting thoughts. Basically, the end is coming sooner than we think. We have a lot of work to do. He talked about the surplus of missionaries and how it is supposed to increase, then steady off. He said that, that is false. It is going to continue to increase and exceed 100,000! Recently, I have learned about some stuff to support that. Next Transfer we will gain over 40 new missionaries. This means I will probably have to become a Trainer in five weeks. Usually training last 12 weeks, but looks like a lot of us will need to mature quickly. When I got interviewed by President Weidman he told me to be ready to train. We will be getting smartphones and ipads pretty soon.  We will be proselyting through social media. Something big is coming to California. I’ll try to keep you guys posted. The biggest thing is Obedience, so we can have the Spirit.

Love you guys and hope all is well!

Elder Valdez