July 22, 2013 Monday

Hi how’s everything going. Thank you for the shirts. They are a lot better! I got your email and that is really cool about the other elders. Hope Edna is doing fine. Write more in a little bit….

The days are flying by! I can’t believe it is already Monday again. We are going to go hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains this afternoon. If you could send me my tie clips and a SD card reader so that I can send pictures that would be great! Maybe a flash drive also, and can you send me some music. We drive a lot and can’t listen to the radio. We have some CD’s but they are starting to get old. The “Piano guys” would be pretty sweet or any Mormon Tabernacle. The rule on music is it has to be uplifting or inspirational. Any lyrics have to be mission appropriate. I am going to start reading the Book of Mormon. This time I will read with a question in mind. I think my question is “how can I be happy in life?” Kinda general but its been on my mind a lot. I will try to buy a bike today. We have a lot to do on p-day but we are running out of miles and will have to bike soon. The new mission blog is http://californialosangelesmission.blogspot.com/. You might have it already or not. That is great to hear you met the Dworzyk’s. That is so cool that Elder Brown was at the MTC the same time as me. Last Saturday was Pioneer Day here. The whole stake was at our building. There was a lot of people and good food. They even had a band! The members here are really nice. They feed us dinner almost every night. For lunch we eat out a lot. Breakfast is usually oatmeal for me. Congrats mom on your progress on the iPod!

Take care,

Elder Valdez