July 29, 2013 Monday

Wow time is going by so fast. Can’t believe July is almost over! Life has been good here. We are starting to have regular appointments with people which is good. We got a referral the other day and stopped by. The girl who requested it was gone, but her parents invited us in. We taught them the restoration and the spirit was so strong. they asked good questions too, so they we really listening. when the lesson was over we offered the husband a blessing. Last year he suffered from a stroke. He accepted and we gave him a blessing. Can’t wait to go back and see how they are doing! I’m not quite sure Malachi will get to serve a mission. I can see big changes coming to missionary work. Mom&dad mentioned a fireside they went too, and we have also done several. It looks like we will be handing the work over to members. I read the august ensign which is really good! If you haven’t read it yet definitely recommend it. If you could send me my watch and a sd card reader, so that I can send pictures that would be great! Love ya guys!
Elder Valdez