September 23, 2013

Dear Family,

We have been crazy busy! This Friday is Zone Conference with one of the seventy! Elder Kent L. Richards is coming! President Weidman is preparing the mission for his arrival. We have to shine our shoes (have to figure that out), cut our hair (doing that today), and wear our best (I always do that). Spiritually we have to be exactly obedient and come with a question or two. Preparation for his arrival is being compared to Joshua and Israel entering the promised land. Not only that, but General Conference is so close! I have never been so excited for General Conference. Out here on the mission it is like Christmas, but twice a year! I have made it a goal to read the entire conference issue before Conference weekend. This week meeting with an investigator was great! We have finally got him hooked to the Book of Mormon. He thought the Bible didn’t talk at all about the Book of Mormon. Little did he know. Left him lots of study material for our next lesson. We also got several new investigators this last week! We will be having our first lessons with them this week! Pray that they go well!

Do you remember all that great missionary material Brother Scheibmeir let me copy? Well I do believe that I left that at home. I am especially looking for the plan of salvation visual aids. Hopefully soon I will get to teach that lesson!

Last Saturday we were able to give service with the ward. We did the city of Gardena Clean up! Really fun, we got to mulch and rake pine needles. We were out cleaning with our name tags on and got lots of questions, really neat! They gave us a free t-shirt that says Gardena Clean up on it and they fed us a really nice lunch. Their tacos were the best!

Getting really nervous with transfers coming up. I never thought I would get attached to an area, but I would be really sad to leave.

The pictures are really cool! I got to go on splits with our District Leader over in Redondo Beach. Took a bunch of pictures at the Redondo Beach pier! The ocean looks so beautiful. Way bigger than lake Erie, it seems to never end!

2013-09-17 Palms & Seagull

2013-09-17 Redondo Pier

2013-09-17 View Toward Palos Verdes

2013-09-17 Pacific Sunset 4

2013-09-17 Moon Over Palms

2013-09-17 On the Esplanade

Also some interesting pics of a weird bug that I found.

2013-09-18 Big Beetle

2013-09-18 Beetle Underside

I spent some money the other day on bike repairs. My gear changer thing broke off and cost a little over $76 dollars to fix. I am really starting to love biking, but sadly I know little about bike maintenance. I think I might be getting ripped off. Will see ward member in the future. Bought a rugby ball and Frisbee today at sports authority for $45ish I think. I am also debating a purchase of an ipod nano? Would like your opinion. One elder has a voice recorder very similar to yours back home. Instead of email home he just sends a voice recording. I wouldn’t do that, but he has lots of talks from general authorities on there. Elder Holland is especially inspiring!

Thanks for all of your love and help,

Elder Valdez

PS got a really neat letter from Aunt Sherry and Ximinie